Seoul's Doll Cafes Revisited

I did a post almost a year ago now about some of the doll cafes in Seoul (link here), and I decided to make an updated post after recently revisiting a couple of them.

For anyone interested in BJD (ball joint dolls), the place for you to go is Hongdae (Hongik University area). You can visit the Volks store there, and there are these two great cafes:

1. Cafe Nine9 Style (나인나인)

This is a lovely cafe and shop with a really warm and relaxed atmosphere, and friendly staff. They have a very good selection of doll clothes, eyes, shoes, wigs, accessories and tools for you to browse and purchase, and even a few dolls available as well, including super, mini and tiny size BJDs and some Momokos.

Customers are all enthusiasts who bring their own dolls to play with. You can order drinks and snacks like a regular cafe, and you can also freely use the little set and props at the side to pose your own dolls and take pictures.

Overall Nine9 is a bright, sunny cafe with a friendly atmosphere, and it's a lovely place to spend a couple of hours with your dolls and your friends.

To get to Nine9 Style, come out of Hondae station exit 1, walk 140m and take a right at the large junction, then walk 340m and turn left just before Shinhan bank. The cafe is on the corner of the next street, on the 3rd Floor. Nine9 Style also have their office and studio on the second floor of the building.

Important note: You need to call ahead to book a table, otherwise you're unlikely to get a seat, especially on weekends. Their number is on their Korean website.

2. Cafe Zephyros 카페 제피로스 (Blue Fairy)

Good news! I posted before that Blue Fairy had disappeared from its original location, but then I recently found out that it has just relocated a few doors away, still in the Hapjeong area. Hurrah!

This was my first time spending some time at this cafe, and it was really awesome thanks to the wonderful manager. He's a really kind and friendly guy, and even speaks some English. He saw that my doll was in pieces, and straight away came over and re-strung her for me! It was really nice of him, and he showed me how to do it too so hopefully next time I can do it myself.

Cafe Zephyros has a small selection of doll accessories for sale, and a large and very nice collection of dolls displayed in cabinets around the room. They also have a couple of dolls on the counter which my friend said customers can play with, although you'd have to ask about that. Overall this cafe is great for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Again, it is advisable to phone ahead and book a table if you want to visit this cafe.

Cafe Zephyros is located near Lucky Strike, on the second floor of a building near the lego cafe. The address is 서울 마포구 독막로3길 33.


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