Monday, 2 April 2012

Seoul National Cemetery

Seoul National Cemetery for Korean war veterans contains the graves and memorials of thousands of soldiers, police officers, and government figures including former presidents.

Not only worth a visit if you're interested in military history, it's also a wonderful place to find some peace and quiet within the city. The cemetery covers a massive area, including trees and grassy walkways, and you can spend hours wandering around. Because it's located in a valley, there are no signs of the surrounding traffic and high buildings, and it really feels like you're not in Seoul.

The cemetery is located at Dongjak station, lines 9 and 4. To get there, come out of exit 8. If you arrive by line 4, you can come out of exit 2 and walk towards the main road. It's not far from the Han river so I cycled there via the riverside cycle route. It can be a little confusing to get there from the river, though, so check on a map. There's a small place to buy refreshments near the main entrance.

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